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SenseGiz SaaS

For real time data and Monitoring

BEACON PLUS uses SenseGiz SaaS to compute the sensor data and give real time alerts and notifications in case of nat change in values. All the sensors can be monitored and controlled from our dashboard. Threshold values can be set for each and every sensor to get real time alerts if the set value is crossed.

Asset tracking architecture calculates the position of your assets and can be visualised on the floor map uploaded on our dashboard. Geofencing rules can also be defined using our dashboard.

Analytics manager helps in getting actionable insights including historical data, predictive analysis, real time streaming and many more.

Battery status of each and every BEACON PLUS can also be seen on the dashboard.

Web Control Panel

View SAFR activity in terms of current sensor values, and conditions like thresholds set for various SAFR or just to get the latest value of any sensor.

Control the behavior of SAFR by setting different threshold values across various sensors associated with the SAFR.

Set streaming intervals of temperature and humidity sensors of each SAFR.

Control Dashboard

Map Center

Real-Time Mapping

Visualize BEACON PLUS activities on virtual location maps.

Upload custom floor plan images and drag and drop markers to point to the physical location

Monitor any changes in vital parameters on our monitoring panel that shows real time alerts
on the indoor map.

Map Center heat maps indicate activities in the entire location on virtual indoor maps.

Power of Analytics

Powerful Analytics enables our customers to draw valuable insights about assets and BEACON PLUS sensor data.

Changes in threshold values for motion, vibration, temperature and humidity can be viewed on our dashboard in the
form of analytics.

Analytics can be built to suit unique use cases like asset tracking, impact and vibration analysis.

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