IoT Solutions for Warehouse - Indoor / Outdoor Operations

Real time location tracing of indoor and outdoor operations, movement and idle time

indoor and outdoor tracking solution

  • Fleet Management - Truck Queueing, Location tracking, movement, idle time.
  • Asset & People Management - Tracking, Locating & Geofencing.
  • Process monitoring in real time, Scheduling.
  • Warehouse Management and workflow management.
  • Logistics solution that ensures transparency across the entire vehicle fleet
iot solution for warehouse


benefits of fleet owner

Single view of your assets across all business units

asset utilization

Increased asset utilization


In time, out time and Total time spent

fleet management services

Real time asset monitoring

Historical Data -Asset Wise

warehouse management solutions

Historical Data - Location Wise

warehouse management services
  • Historical data of each and every asset can be seen for a specific time period.
  • The user can calculate the In-time, out-time and total time spent by an asset in each and every location.
  • Total turnaround time of assets can be calculated for any specific period.
  • Alerts - If an asset is spending too much time in a given location, actions can be taken accordingly.
  • Location wise data can be calculated to see how many assets have entered, left and spent time in a given location for a specific period
  • All data can be exported to excel for additional analysis.

Geofencing and Scheduling

fleet management services
  • Set geofencing based on the asset/ driver depending on the area where they work.
  • Get an alert when the asset/person leave / enters the restricted area.
  • The attendance of Truck drivers/workers can be monitored based on the shifts they work in.
  • In case of weekly off the entire system can be turned off so as to save the battery.
  • All data can be exported to excel for additional analysis.
  • Monitoring total drivers/worker available in the facility for better scheduling and managing the work force

Everything in Monitoring / Tracking

  • Hundreds or thousands of assets can be tracked in real time in any given workplace such as shop floor, manufacturing unit or warehouse
  • Geo-fence events notification
  • Full life-cycle remote asset monitoring
  • Asset search and localization


  • Improved workforce coordination
  • Real-time process management
  • Location-based workflow management
  • Inexpensive and time saving process
  • Entirely a digital solution with a cloud platform & analytics

Market Verticals

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Industrial Assets
  • OEM’s, Airports, Shopping malls.

Benefit to fleet owner and warehouse

Benefit to Fleet Owner

  • Monitor-Exact queuing time slots known to each truck drivers.
  • Monitor- exact time taken to load and unload each trucks
  • Record-Exact time Truck entering and leaving the warehouse.
  • Record - Total time taken to reach each destination in premises
  • Monitor/ Record - Real time safety alerts in case a person/asset leaves/enters an assigned area

Benefit to Warehouse

  • Locate - Each Tucks with items very accurately
  • Monitor -total time taken to load/unload the trucks, capacity planning
  • Monitor- Ensure the right truck is within the right bay
  • Record- in time and out time of the trucks
  • Monitor/ Record - Real time safety alerts in case a person/asset leaves/enters an assigned area
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