Cold Chain Storage

Using SenseGiz solutions, maintain the quality of your goods by detecting environmental changes like temperature and humidity.

cold chain storage

Every year billion tons of goods are wasted because of temperature variations. A small drop or increase in temperature can reduce shelf life of the products.


Certain products have to be continuously tracked across their cold chain for temperature and humidity to avoid wastage and losses

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Sensegiz enable environment monitoring and also enables you to remotely track the Temperature and Humidity of your products and ensure you that the products are stored and transported at right temperature.

Motion and Vibration Monitoring

Beacon Plus can also detect Motion, Vibration and any unauthorized opening and closing of doors.

We have carried out Environmental Tests for various parameters like, Moisture resistance test, High temperature test, Low temperature Test, Heat cycle test, Continuous vibration, Impact test.

Plug and Play, wireless sensors monitor real time temperature and humidity of goods during transit and also at your warehouses.
Critical data is transmitted securely to the cloud through our gateway.

Visualize this data anywhere through web and mobile and get real time alerts.
condition monitoring

Real time insights using our cloud based software platform

Define rules, triggers, events & actions for all your business needs. See your data come alive in graphics, dashboards and reports.

cold chain2
cold chain1

Industries Served

cold chain storage

Storage Facilities

With the rising popularity of luxury items in storage, climate controlled facilities are experiencing rapid growth.

server rooms maintain temperature

Server rooms and data centers

Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity within tight tolerances is critical to IT system reliability.

Pharmaceutical Refrigeration

Exposing medicines to high temperatures during storage or transportation may affect the quality including efficiency and therefore should be avoided.

commercial heating and AC

Commercial heating and AC

Autonomously record temperature and humidity over a defined period of time. The data can be retrieved, viewed and evaluated as and when required.

perishable food storage

 Perishable food storage

Perishable food deteriorates even at refrigerator temperatures. Hence, time and temperature are important factors in food quality.

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